We offer massages specially composed for Christmas at an attractive price. All our massages are performed in a quiet relaxing music in a warm, darkened room with a heated table.

Massage for Christmas:

1) "The smell of the Orient" - Relaxing massage the back side of the body whisk and bamboo chopsticks, warm oil bambusowym- 60 min 100 PLN

2) "Orange Relaxation" - Relaxing massage back, neck, head, arms and hands juicy orange scented oil - 60 min 100 PLN

3) "Radiant gaze" - A relaxing massage of the face, neck, arms, head, feet (or hands of your choice). Facial massage is performed using bamboo sticks with massage elements and of lifting point. The massage oil is enriched with flecks of gold - 60 min 100 PLN

4) "Chocolate pleasure" - massage based on the true bittersweet hot chocolate with the addition of sweet orange and olive, sweet almond. Massage is covered by a rear side body-60 min 100 PLN

5) "Lavender eyes" relaxing massage with warm lavender oil. In addition to massage techniques, deep relaxation techniques are used gently stretching the muscles and relaxing the joints -60 min 100 PLN

6) "Vanilla sweetness" beautifully relaxing massage vanilla-scented candle. Oil from the spark pleasantly body wraps, incredibly softens and nourishes the skin. The massage techniques are used deep relaxation and muscle relaxants - 60 min 100 PLN


When you buy a gift, you can receive up to 50% discount for yourself or someone special on selected massage with our offer. The discount is disposable and can draw only one person upon presentation of the voucher discount. Discount can be used to 29.02.2016 r

With the purchase of 100 PLN 25% discount on selected massage
When you buy over 100 PLN 50% discount on selected massage

If you are not interested in you any massage of the proposals above, we will help select or compose a massage or treatment from our offer  http://www.gabinetmasazu.info.pl/en/offer/pricing.html

We encourage you to purchase a series of massage as a gift. To 24.12.2015 discount for a series of 20% (with purchase of a minimum of 5 massages).

You do not have to choose massages, you can buy a gift for any amount of money a person endowed massage chooses.