Therapeutic massage - a classic

The massage is performed using classical techniques selected. Therapeutic massage prevents and eliminates the pathological changes in and tissues and muscles, resulting from injury or overload. The massage is performed in a series of every other day.


The back muscles Analgesic therapy

The massage is performed on muscles: the back, neck and head, is designed to loosen tight muscles as a result of prolonged stress, curvature of the spine and the tensions arising from the nature of the work (eg. Tilted position, work sitting). During the series, depending on your needs the massage is carried out using hot or cold stones, oils and ointments stretching or antiinflammatory.

Massage Isometric

You need to strengthen the muscles, and not too miss a workout at the gym? This type of massage is something special for you! It is used with weak muscles, muscle atrophy to restore and strengthen the mass and muscle strength.

Attention !!!

This type of massage makes sense only at series, individual massages performed intermittently not bring the desired effect. The massage should be performed at least 3 times a week. Massage can be used on one or more muscle groups.