Body Massage with Peeling

Massage is performed already during the application of peeling, it is a massage parlor, designed to improve blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin. Body after peeling is incredibly smooth, soft and for that smells beautyfully.


-peeling with cosmetic massage (washing the body in the shower)

-proper massage (relaxation or healing)

Facial treatment "Sensitive"

Cosmetics are designed for sensitive skin. Very gentle relaxing treatment for the face. Thanks to the synergy of all the active ingredients soothes the skin and eliminates redness. Bilberry contained in cosmetics strengthens blood vessels, and St. John's wort provides firming, cleansing, brightening and improve skin firmness.

Course of treatment:

- Facial scrub

- Facial massage

- Mask

- Massage of the feet or hands to choose

Treatment Intensive Regenerating Face "Taste of Chocolate"

This treatment is designed for both women and men of all ages, has strong moisturizing and toning, perfectly relaxes and reduces stress, nourishes, improves elasticity, firmness and skin tone.

Course of treatment:

- Make-up removal (cleansing facial with debris during the day and make-up)

- Peeling

- Facial massage

- Chocolate mask

- Massage of the feet or hands to choose

Treatment Caring "Fullness of Happiness"

The treatment is a combination of deep relaxation with the nourishing properties of dark chocolate, enriched extract from brown algae.

The course of treatment 70 min

- Peeling back

- Relaxing massage back, neck, head and shoulders warm chocolate oil

- Intensively regenerating treatment for the face "Taste of Chocolate"

- Massage of the feet or hands to choose

The course of treatment 90min

- Relaxing full body massage with warm oil chocolate

- Intensively regenerating treatment for the face "Taste of Chocolate"

Firming-relaxing treatment Chocolate

Chocolate has excellent properties of aromatherapy, slimming and nutrition. Intensively smoothes and firms. Reduces cellulite and revitalizes tired skin. Additionally, it has invaluable relaxation effect. The treatment helpful in loss of firmness and premature skin aging. The weakening of the skin during weight loss diets, skin dirty, tired and gray.

The course of treatment

- Whole body peeling

- Chocolate body mask in warm (body wrapping foil)

- Chocolate face mask (treatment combined with massage and facial peeling)

- Body massage candle chocolate


Treatment Caring "Filling Gold"

Luxurious anti-wrinkle treatment, adds radiance, smoothes, hydrates and tones the skin.

Treatment includes:

- Removing the make (cleans and prepares the skin for surgery, gives exceptional shine and elasticity).

- Peeling

- Facial massage bamboo chopsticks

- Mask (unique fill effect, adds shine and vitality).

- Massage of the feet or hands to choose

The procedure can be completed 60min relaxing full body massage using essential oil with gold, and hyaluronic acid.

Treatment Lomi- Lomi

Massage combined with peeling. This massage involves all the senses, deeply relaxes the body and soul. After peeling the body is applied (massaged) fruity flavour oil form candle. Gently warm candle oil has relaxing effect and stabilizing the nervous system. On hot days, instead of hot candle, if you wish massage is performed with a specially formulated blend of lomi lomi massage oils. The end results are amazing relaxation and wonderfully smooth skin.

Massage can be made without peeling (see relaxation massages).