All our massages are performed in a quiet relaxing music (or music according to your wishes), in a gently lit and the room climate. In the winter and cold days in a warm cozy office with a heated table, summer in soothing air-conditioned room.


We do not do erotic massages !!!


I. Basic massage

Therapeutic massage  40min- 80 PLN, 60 min- 120 PLN

The back muscles analgesic therapy  50min- 100 PLN

Massage isometrick 30 min - 80 PLN, 60 min- 150PLN


II. Relaxation massage

Anti- Stress massage- 70 min- 140 PLN

Anti- Stress massage II-  90min- 180 PLN

Relaxing massage Classic - 60min-140 PLN, 70min-160 PLN, 90min- 180 PLN

Bamboo massage - 70min- 170 PLN, 90min-190 PLN

Power fragrance massage ( massage candle) -  60min-150 PLN, 90min- 210 PLN

Relaxing massage warm oil -  70min-150 PLN, 90min-180 PLN

Relaxation massage " chocolate relaxation" -  70min- 150 PLN

Massage with warm basalt stones  - 70min-150 PLN, 90min-190 PLN

Relaxing face massage - 30min-70 PLN

Relaxation massage backache - 40min-80 PLN

Relaxation massage feet reflexology connected - 40min- 70 PLN

Lomi Lomi - 90min -180 PLN, 120min- 240 PLN


III. Beauty massage

Body massage with peeling- 80min-170 PLN

Facial Treatment „Sensitive” - 60min-120 PLN

Treatment intensive regenerating face " Taste of chocolate" - 60min-120 PLN

Treatment caring „Fullness of happiness” - 70min-170 PLN, 90min-200zł

Firming- Relaxing Treatment Chocolate - 120min-250 PLN

Treatment caring " Filling gold" - 60min-140 PLN, 120min- 240 PLN

Treatment Lomi Lomi - 90min-220 PLN


IV. Massage for two

Relaxation massage classic - 60min- 120 PLN ( The prices are per person )

Anti Stress massage - 60min- 120 PLN (The prices are per person)

Bamboo massage - 60min- 120 PLN ( The prices are per person)

Relaxation massage warm oliva - 60min-120 PLN( The prices are per person)

For Her: A facial+ full body massage relaxing - 70 min- 150 PLN

For Him: A relaxing massage combined with the bamboo massage+ foot reflexology - 70min- 150 PLN