Massage is a time of relaxation for your body and for our work, which is a passion. We want you to left / left our office with a sense of relaxation and pleasure. Therefore, in the form of questions and answers a few basic rules that will help you best prepare for the first visit with us. Let's get to know each other!

What I bring with me?

Only smile! All necessary hygiene materials such as towels, soap, shampoo provide on-site.

How to dress before a massage?

Top freely and comfortably. You are advised to avoid tight, close-fitting clothes because oils used during the massage alter the hydration of the skin and donning tight items of clothing can be a bit difficult.

What is the best time to visit?

Each of us has a unique rhythm of the day. It is worth remembering that for some morning massage can be a stimulant beginning active day, while others will feel the soothing bliss, which can be anything the expansion. Some prefer to relax in the evening, while others opt for a relaxing afternoon. Selecting the optimal season belongs to you, it is worth to remember one iron rule: come to us at least fifteen minutes before the procedure so that we can best prepare for a massage.

Is it possible to submit their comments and proposals before the massage?

Not only can, but even worth it! And it was in the beginning, when we can meet your individual needs and wishes, to dispel any doubts. We work in an atmosphere of trust and goodwill, and it still as important as the professional quality of the treatment!

May I undergo the procedure?

This is of course dependent on your mood and health status. Some treatments require prior consultation with your doctor to determine any contraindications or precautionary principles. Any information on your safety by phone, e-mail and on-site office. You are in good hands!

How to plan the day when going for a massage?

If this is a day full of responsibilities and activities, evening massage can be a great idea to relax, but for some ... too big challenge for the weary body. It all depends on your individual schedule. It must be remembered that the time after surgery to devote more rest or pleasant, not involving classes. Your body safely release all the beneficial effects of massage, and the next day feel like a newborn!

There is nothing we like to cordially invite you to the first visit! We will strive to be one of the many moments of pleasure in the Body of My Home!