Anti-Stress Massage

Massage reduces stress. Specially selected relaxing techniques make the body recovers from energy balance by result of relaxation of the whole body muscles and mental rest. Effect is amazing and you feel better immediately after the massage.The massage is recommended in the evening, autumn, winter and during long-term exposure to stress.

Anti-Stress Massage II

Massage reduces stress, perfectly leveling muscle tension. Massage is terminated by pressure massage of the face and the head. The effects of the massage are deep calm and relaxation of tired and tense muscles.


Bamboo Massage

This exotic form of relaxing massage. The massage is performed by using bamboo sticks and pleasantly warm blends of essential oils. The heat and pressure of essential long bamboo sticks quickly improve circulation, tone the skin, relax muscles and reduce tension. Recommended as a relaxing massage. For a longer 90 min version, a face and head massage is performed.

Relaxing Massage Warm Oil

The massage is performed by hand and pleasantly warm oil. Massage techniques are slow, deep movements resulting in an amazing relaxation. In addition, stretching massage is used, the result of which the muscles are stretched and joints relaxed. Massage is recommended for tired and aching muscles, high tensions caused by stress and the nature of work. Recommended as a preventive and relaxing massage.

Power Fragrance Massage (Massage candle)

Massage makes the skin glow groomed and pampers the senses. Using to massage candle is a cosmetic candle which contains plant oils, coconut oil and beeswax, smells beautifully. Professionally made massage pampers the skin with pleasant warm oil setting you in a good mood. The gentle touch of hands, light and precious oils eliminate cramping and any lock. The skin is better supplied with blood, soft and incredibly well-maintained and the body relaxed.

Relaxation Massage "Chocolate Relaxation"

Massage "Chocolate Relax" is a massage formulated to pamper your senses and body and is performed with hot chocolate oil. Chocolate perfectly nourishes, softens and smoothes the whole body, providing you in a great atmosphere and an amazing relaxation.

Massage with warm basalt stones

This massage works: Healing (analgesic) and relaxes (warming), removing the mental and muscle tension (recommended in the autumn, winter). Preliminary massage is performed in order to break up the large muscle tension and stone massage is performed to eliminate the remaining lock and tension in the body what giving us relax and relaxation.

Partial relaxation massage to choose from

This healing and relaxing massage restore harmony and peace to your two body. The therapist selects the appropriate techniques for total configuration to suit the voltage. Thanks to this, the natural forces of the body are released, which receive positive stimuli and trigger a relaxation reaction. Essential oils are used during the massage.

Body parts to choose from:

1. Head, face

2. Back, shoulders

3. Hands and shoulders

4. feet and legs

5. Pelvis

Lomi Lomi

This massage is deeply relaxing full body ritual, performed with great attention and concentration. It is considered one of the most wonderful massage world, called massage "loving hands". Hawaiians use this massage to restore the natural state of body and soul. Helps detoxify and renew the body. It may be for some means to find inspiration and tidal forces of creative, even spiritual. With special techniques, stretching joints, relaxes our body.